Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When I...

When I first started this blog I was hoping to get a lot of attention and followers with my cards and other projects I listed. I recently started putting a stamp on the back of my handmade items so it will attract more followers to this website. I know I don't keep up with posting things here but I am very busy making things and taking pictures of the items that I make. I hope one day I will get feedback.

Here are a few more cards that I have made.

These were sold to a few coworkers. One of the cards was sent out to my Grandma.

These 2 cards were given by my employer to a ex-coworker and her daughter. They lost their 16year old son/brother. These 2 people are very very close to my heart. It was very hard to make these cards but I am very glad that I did.

This was for another coworker that left us to another job. Amy will be missed terribly!!

Last but not least. This is a card that I made for my Mother In Law who just had surgery this week. I know she is going great but we wanted to show her we loved her with this card.

Thanks for keeping up with my occasional postings.
See you again soon!!

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