Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another one coming

It's so funny how people react to scrapbooks. I finished the last book that I was hired to do. The person that I did it for is my boss at my "day job". She brought it in to work yesterday and everyone was so excited about how it looked. It was a pretty "simple" looking one because it was for a boy and of course you don't want lots of frilly things on the pages. All I did was cut paper, buy paper and embellishments and apply the pictures to them. Not a real big deal and anyone could do this I think. All you need is time and lots of it.

She has another one that she is bringing to me to do for the coach of her son's cross country team. I just hope that this one turns out good too. I have all the leftover things from her son's so it should be easy enough (this will be the 3rd book that she has asked me to do.

Let the fun begin!!

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